How long till Gattaca?

You represent an unbroken chain of mothers and fathers, stretching back to the first instance of sexual reproduction. History itself is embedded in your genes, the lands your ancestors walked, the food they ate, the stories they told, the people who lived and the branches that fell from the tree. The whole story stretching back millions of years is told within you in words too small to see.

But we can read more and more of those words every day and soon we will be able to rewrite them.

And then what is history? Who will be able to know true from false, good from bad? In the time to come we will control it all, true and false, good and evil, this will all be nothing before our new powers.

When Gattaca comes only the most wretched will have a past, only the lowly and the poor will bear testimony to anything but hubris. And when these wretches pass away there will no longer be anything solid.


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