Someone is wrong on the internet

Egos clash and heat is produced.

No eyes to soften the blow, no smile, no little twitch of submission or weakness. In this realm we are all autists, blundering forward without human concern. Obsessed with our little obsessions, enamoured and fascinated by our own mediocre thoughts.

They are wrong. You cannot abide this, their very existence does violence to you, until they change?

Until they submit.

But without those cues, you wouldn’t even recognise submission in the other, there is no winning here.

All is frustration and bluster.

You don’t even believe the things you are saying now, the exchange has led you down a dark path of thought and idea. Still without those cues you cannot even tell. Taboo is meaningless in the realm of the autist… you press forward, deeper into the dark.

You catch yourself in a brief moment of self-awareness, speaking terrible things. Shame and shock overcomes you.

But you are in too deep… and you must not let them win.


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