How could they? They’re cruel, they’re mean, they don’t know what they just said no to. You’re not so bad, right? Or maybe you are… this isn’t the first time.

You used to think you were hot stuff, you used to think you occupied if not the far right of the bell curve, at least the top 10%. Now you re-evaluate. It was probably that damn Dunning–Kruger effect. You must have misappraised yourself because you’re too incompetent to appraise yourself well. How many times has this happened? At least that many obviously superior specimens must exist. Scale it up to proportionality, you can’t be better than a low average.

Low average? Is that so bad… embrace your mediocrity maybe?

No. It is salt on the slug named Ego. You look around desperately for water, but there is nothing to quench this saline death.

You died like this many times before, somehow always forget, big yourself up again… you do not like it, but it is becoming quite familiar.


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