Kali Yuga

It seems to you that all the low hanging fruit has been picked. All that is left is beyond the reach of one such as you.

“You shall know them by their fruits” he said, but how much easier it was to pick fruit in the beginning, how much more glory there was to be won, how much less work to win it.

Is this true? Or did it always seem so?

In the kali yuga we are worse, and the opportunities for glory are less. This is not because of some mere random spiritual degeneration as some suppose. It is because of democratisation, the death of elitism. Without gatekeepers, the rabble dominate, their weaknesses all the more apparent because competition demands they drag one another down.

The nobility hid their flaws, their prestige was a vital tool, the demos need no prestige for they have numbers – so prestige is scorned and the lowest common denominator wins out.

You kid yourself truly if you think you belong among the elite. Your affectations of aristocracy are as shameful as they are ridiculous. You lack of course the blood but be honest with yourself, do you not also lack the quality?

You are better off in this age than any other, among the throng of mob, seething and writhing like insects, incessant chatter and noise. This is your time and place, until Kalki returns.

You watch for that white horse, your cunning plan, to charge upon his sword and be reborn with the purest of souls.


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