Why are you afraid?

Breathe. In and ouut.

What do you fear? Rejection, humiliation? Are these things not worse than death? Wouldn’t you in the moment rather die than endure through humiliation, rejection? But endure you must. Humiliation passes, God has blessed us with a short memory. Rejection’s sting lasts until the next smile or heartfelt greeting. Wait, calmly, do not be afraid.

“They will think I am a fool, they will ask questions, I will have nothing to say, I don’t know what to expect, how should I dress, how should I talk, what if my face does that weird thing it does when I am not quite sure what emotion to fake, what if they laugh at me, what if I start crying, I won’t know what to say, I’ll be so anxious and I will look a fool, everyone will hate me, they will expect things of me I can’t provide and then be angry when I don’t provide them, I have no experience with a situation like this, I don’t know, I can’t speak, I can’t think, please, help…”

Be humiliated and endure, and live. Humiliation is better than death.

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